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We are making a limited number of discounted annual subscriptions available at a price of US$199.99, which is US$50 off the regular price of US$249.99, for the first year. Annual or quarterly boutiques near me taking is a requirement for all types of businesses, to be able to determine the profit gained for the year. Could 2021 finally be the year to buy? Buy a cast iron Dutch oven at a camp store, follow instructions for seasoning it, and then cook a pile of meat or poultry in the Dutch oven (a big cast iron pot with a lid) for hours while you do other things. Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. (POT) is a strong buy below $55. 30. United States Oil & Gas Corp. Bank of America Corp ( BAC ) – Bank of America Corporation continues to stall after a big run last week. Will the legacy of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” be similar to Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”? While it’s far too early to make any kind of judgment, I made the point last week that the fundamentals for the current market rally have been in place before the election (see The start of a new Trump bull?), the electoral results seemed to have awakened the market`s animal spirits.


Fast forward to today, Obama’s legislative legacy is far less impressive than what his enthusiastic supporters expected from St. Barack of Chicago. The fast money crowd jumped into the risk-on momentum trade last week. The NYSE said last week it would end trading in the three state-owned Chinese telecom companies, but changed course on Monday following “further consultation with relevant regulatory authorities,” only to reverse itself again. Propelled by these phenomenal results, the stock price surged 396% in 2020 and is now trading at 53 times trailing 12-month (TTM) revenue and 159 times adjusted earnings. The bulls had been unable to push stock prices to new highs despite the emergence of renewed growth (see Q3 earnings season: Stud or dud?), can the bears take advantage of the news of a new FBI probe of Hillary Clinton`s email to weaken stock prices? The stock market embraced the reflation investment thesis that I have been writing about for several months, except this time it`s reflation on steroids (also see Super Tuesday special: How President Trump could spark a market blow-off).